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Issue #12 resolved
Jose Guerrero created an issue

The pointcloud is measured, using simulated velodyne sensors, by scanning the environment horizontally and then vertically. It's somehow like using a sick lidar at multiple pitch angles. The real velodyne sensor scans the environment by using vertical layers (16,32) all around its vertical axis with known angular resolution. It is better for the simulated velodyne to publish the points in the velodyne pointcloud using vertical layers in the same way than the real velodyne sensor. It is more realistic. Basically the improvement implies to change a couple of code lines:

GazeboRosVelodyneLaser.cpp should read

void GazeboRosVelodyneLaser::OnScan(ConstLaserScanStampedPtr& _msg) .... for (i = 0; i < rangeCount; i++) { for (j = 0; j < verticalRangeCount; j++) { ...

Since I don't have rights to push modifications, could you please fix this on the master branch.

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