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Do you have an emotional support dog? If yes, then you may have regarded how they instantly improve your moods. When you come home and see your dog after a long hard day, all your fatigue vanishes. Likewise, when you feel blues, your dog comes to you, cuddles with you and transforms your symptoms of distress into comfort and satisfaction.

Your ESA Letter lights up your face with his unconditional love and affection. His care and concern make you feel special. Emotional support animals have the ability to calm you, this is why a number of people go for ESAs.

Pets and the pandemic: the impact our animals had on our mental health and  wellbeing

Mental health professionals prescribe emotional support animals to people who undergo depression, stress, PTSD, ADD, anxiety, and other psychological conditions.

However, one thing should be clear here, you may have a pet and it may serve as an emotional support animal. But it can not be called an ESA letter for housing unless you register him legally as your emotional support animal.

Dogs are considered to be the best emotional support animals and there is no doubt in it. They not only keep you emotionally well but also help you to improve your physical health and lifestyle. But do you know they too feel stressed and exhausted? Your dog can not see itself to the doctor and is unable to prepare healthy food for himself.

You need to look after your emotional support dog. So, read on to find out how you can help your dog to be happy and healthy.

Set A Routine

The first step for anyone whether for a human or an animal is to follow a routine. Well, animals have an amazing sense of time and they follow nature. Making a routine and convincing your pet to follow it is not a big task at all. In fact, your dog or any other pet will love to follow it as it is in their nature to sleep and wake up by following the natural phenomenon of day and night.

Adding to the fact, eating and exercising also require a routine. Following a routine is key to a healthy life. You just have to make a schedule for your dog and it will also help you to follow the same routine and can dogs have watermelon , yes you can make yourself and your dog healthy and fit.

Timely And Proper Meals

You need to add proper meals to your dog's routine. Serve him a meal full of nutrients according to the time. You should know what he needs in the morning, which should be given in the afternoon and what will be suitable for the night. You should also set a nutritious diet plan for yourself and should follow a routine for eating.

Sometimes dog owners serve their dogs with whatever is available in the kitchen but that’s not fair. Your dog has some requirements and the wrong food can be difficult to digest. Many dogs encounter this situation and get a digestion problem.

To avoid this situation, you can prepare food for at least one week and can refrigerate it. So that you can easily serve your dog without any hassle.

Routine Health Checkups

Like humans, dogs also require frequent vet check-ups can dogs have tomatoes, dogs often get seasonal allergies and other health problems. In order to keep your dog safe from these health hazards, you should take him to the vet at least once a month.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is very much important to be healthy and fit. If you love your emotional support dog and want to see him happy then introducing games and healthy exercise to him is a great idea. You can take him for a walk and jog and should join him to keep yourself fit as well.

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