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Add Simple IK

This tool adds IK (Inverse Kinematics) bones to the existing DAZ rig. This simple IK rig is not as powerful as the more complex MHX and Rigify rigs, but can be an alternative for simple posing. The Add Simple IK button is only enabled for armatures to which custom shapes have been added. An alternative could be to use Auto IK for posing the original FK (Forward Kinematics) bones.


  • Arm IK: Add simple IK for arms.
  • Leg IK: Add simple IK for legs.
  • Pole Targets: Add pole targets.


Here are the new IK bones. There are IK effectors for hands and feet (red ellipses), and pole targets for posing the elbow and knees (blue boxes). There are also stretch bones that connect the pole targets with the bones they control.


In the Simple Rig panel we can control the IK influence below the named bone layers. Here we have pose the left arm and leg with IK and the right side with FK.


The snap buttons attempts to convert an FK pose to IK or vice versa. Unlike MHX and Rigify, snapping the simple rig bones is only approximate. Here we snapped the FK bones on the left sides to the IK pose, and the IK bones on the right side to the FK pose. The pose is the same as in the previous picture (at least almost the same), but the IK influences have been reversed.