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Combat Chatter / Changelog

v1.9.4 (2020-08-09)

  • Add characters compiled by MShadowy: starfox_andross, starfox_area6, starfox_mechbeth, dd_narrator
  • Add/modify some lines for acecombat_torres
  • Add optional "officer mode" setting for chat box
  • Add handling for force-picking specific chatter characters based on officer's name
  • Disable chatter for fighter-sized "ships" (mod compatibility)
  • Fix potential loading bug when CSVs have empty rows
  • Move chatter box font settings to config

v1.9.3 (2020-04-26)

  • Some floater text is now also displayed in a message area on right
    • Can be disabled in config
  • "Running" state dialog now used when ship is retreating
  • Add FNV character collection compiled by AzyWng
  • Add character: acecombat_torres
  • Add config multiplier to make gender-specific characters more likely to be picked
  • Mod requires LazyLib again

v1.9.2d (2019-05-11)

  • Add character: ja2_conrad
  • Add ClearChatterChars command
  • Characters have a higher chance to be picked if they only have 1-2 allowed personalities
  • Fix a rare crash
  • Dialog tweaks


  • Some console commands now usable in combat
  • Smarter detection of which ship is the player's
  • Fix a rare crash


  • Fix console commands crash
  • Faction-specific character picking off by default
  • Fix typo with foulmouth character


  • Starsector v0.9 compatibility
  • SetChatterChar command works if player name is entered; prints error message when specifying invalid character


  • Fix handling of fighter characters in campaign
  • Fix for boss ship check
  • Better error logging for certain load failure cases (e.g. file missing)
  • Some line tweaks


  • Add characters: acvd_bluemagnolia, bountyhunter, dow_davianthule, dow_lukasalexander, dow2_diomedes, kw_flametank, tt_medusa, uaw_founder, uaw_kamalrex, uaw_orlok
    • Thanks to AxleMC131 and [REDACTED] Element for most of these
  • Fighters not limited to default-type configs
  • PrintChatterChars console command can also list all loaded characters
  • dow2_commissar gets more lines
  • Some faction compatibility fixes/updates


  • (Mostly) Working 'engage' chatter
  • Add character: sunrider_kryska
  • Fix boss message incorrectly playing against Arsenal Expansion's Lasher Duelist
  • Line, other tweaks


  • Add characters: alien1, badass, gentleman, madbastard
  • Add boss lines for foulmouth
  • Fix Tyrador pod-launched drones having chatter


  • Add lines for mothership/station battles to some characters
  • Add new characters: bender, luddfanatic, operative1
  • Some other line changes
  • Misc. fixes/adjustments


  • Station modules do not have chatter
  • Enable reckless personality for some characters
  • Fix crash when a ship has no ship system
  • Update some faction-related definition stuff


  • Starsector 0.8 compatibility
  • Add new characters: darklord, sc2_tychus, mr-t
  • Add disabled character (can be enabled in config): foulmouth
  • Add tagging system for disabling characters
  • Add faction tag for DME
  • Implement user-facing names for character
  • Tweak some existing lines


  • Add new characters: startrek_klingon, doom_comicguy
  • Fix tf2_heavy not working
  • Reduce repetition if a character only has 1-2 lines defined for a message type
  • When failing to load character, error message says which one


  • Add "out of missiles" messages
  • Add new characters: default2, default_aggressive2, default_professional2, default_timid2, tf2_demo, crusader, robotic
  • Additional tf2_heavy lines
  • Don't say retreat message twice in an escape scenario
  • Fix default_aggressive character not being used
  • Some line/chance tweaks


  • Add new characters: cowfolk, flyboy, startrek_ferengi, sunrider_claude
  • Faction-specific character support
  • Fighter wings don't say death lines
  • Remove hull size weighting for battle start/end chatter
  • Add safety for a rare crash


  • Add death messages
  • Add console commands: PrintChatterChars, SetChatterChar
    • The latter can be used to change your officers' dialog. Syntax: setchatterchar [officer name] [chatter_char]
    • Chatter character is always the last argument
    • Officer name arguments are used as a single string, comparing to officers in fleet by full name first, then last name, then first name
  • Add characters: ja2_steroid, ja2_fox
  • Player ship can have chatter as well if set in config (default off)
  • Save officers by UUID rather than hash (with reverse compatibility)
  • Fix some character configs from previous version not being usable
  • Fix II's Olympus missiles (TITAN, Apocalypse MIRV) having chatter
  • Some line tweaks
  • Update credits


  • Fix broken freespace_vasudan config


  • Add characters: ja2_biff, ja2_magic, ja2_miguel, freespace_human1, freespace_human2, freespace_vasudan
  • When assigning characters to new player officers, avoid duplication with existing officers if possible (untested)


  • Add new characters: sunrider_icari, sunrider_sola, tf2_heavy
  • idleChatter=false makes low-priority messages appear as floating text (instead of vanishing completely)
  • Antispam for floating messages
  • When picking a random ship for floating messages, exclude those not in view
  • Allow custom dialog characters in missions
  • Fix crash from failing to get variant (use own implementation of size point getter instead of FleetFactoryV2's)
  • Fix long form overload messages not displaying properly
  • Remove LazyLib requirement


  • Fix floating chatter position, ships weirdly jerking around


  • Persistent character configs for officers
  • Crew XP can modify personality of officerless ships
  • Chatter lines can play sounds (though none are used at present)
  • Better interval handling to prevent repetitive chatter
  • Overload messages are cyan
  • Some low-priority message types are displayed as floating text
  • Fix bonus weight for ships with officers


Initial release