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Foundation / Changelog


  • Proper handling of Nexerelin's random sector
  • Foundation store sells fighters again
  • Lawson's Point really can't be invaded this time
  • Text tweaks/fixes


  • Updates/compatibility for Starsector 0.8.1
    • Disable tutorial mission
    • Rescale levels for insurance
  • Insurance makes a small payout for recovered ships, covers dead/MIA officers (from Nexerelin)
  • Nexerelin: Lawson's Point can't be invaded; better placement in non-Corvus mode
  • Add a memory key to let mod markets not have Foundation representatives
  • Some text/dialog fixes/improvements


  • Disable tutorial mission if not hostile to pirates at start
  • Foundation representatives can be added/removed if market faction changes
  • Add faction exception list for adding representatives


  • Add tutorial mission
  • Foundation store tweaks/fixes:
    • Supports Ship/Weapon Pack, correctly handles future SS+ versions
    • Note: Any SS+ version older than 3.4.0 is no longer supported!
    • Don't break if a listed ship doesn't exist
  • Lawson's Point starts orbit closer to Jangala and Barad; fix orbit speed


  • Fix too many ships in store; tweak weapon stocking on market update
  • Fix wrong comparison sign for max level in Foundation market tooltip
  • Fix sometimes not getting free weapon upon donation


  • Fix insurance payouts being too small
  • Foundation insurance no longer stacks with Nexerelin faction insurance (only one will be paid)


Initial release