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Slip & Frag / Changelog


Version 1.0.11:

  • Fix to the Field-Of-View (FOV) angle specified in the OXR version (for VR), which wasn't fully covering the visible area within the headset.
  • Disabled a big portion of the old software renderer when in VR, instead sending all rendering data directly to the device, but only if the level being played is small enough to not saturate the device. This helped remove some ugly visual artifacts when playing the core game and the original expansions.
  • Fixed a crash that happened in large maps, when the app attempts to update lots of interrelated entities in the game (thanks to Quake user community member @Spike for the fix).
  • Fixed sky not appearing in some very simple maps in the OXR version, due to the absence of "submodels" in them.
  • Other, miscellaneous fixes and performance improvements as well.

Version 1.0.10:

  • Additional fix applied to the game load mechanism, which wasn't setting correctly the number of entities if no significant changes from a previous game were found.
  • Fix to the creation of a "no texture" entry in the core engine, which potentially could crash the app when loading maps that have surfaces with no textures.
  • Other minor improvements in performance for large maps / mods.

Version 1.0.9:

  • General improvements in performance, especially in the Oculus Quest version, for large maps / mods.
  • Fix applied to the game load / save mechanism, which prevented it from working also in large maps / mods.
  • Fix in the Oculus Quest version related to skyboxes not appearing correctly when viewed in screen mode (map loading, intermissions).
  • Potential fix for loading of very large maps which could cause a crash in the core engine if left unchecked.
  • Two fixes which were originally discovered and patched in the Quakespasm sourceport, related to "fat PVS" checks for visible surfaces, as well as a buffer overflow for maps with a large amount of lights.
  • Fix to the light maps generation code that caused "banding" in previous versions.
  • A few other minor fixes were applied, as well.