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Slip & Frag / Privacy Policy

Slip & Frag is a retooling of a previously existing game engine (the Quake game engine), updated to work on modern operating systems, which themselves restrict what kind of resources can apps access without the consent of their users.

Currently, Slip & Frag asks for Internet access as both a client and server application, with the specific purpose of:

  • Being able to connect to similar game engine servers as a client, to play games following the rules in those servers;
  • Host its own game server session, with rules defined by the user that started it, and allowing other clients over Internet or a local private network to connect to it.

As it stands, the only personal information that Slip & Frag collects for network play, is the player name that's shown publicly in a game session to identify him/her to other players. That's beside other, cosmetic details applied to the player's avatar within the game.

Slip & Frag will only send those details to a game engine server, or to other game clients, for the purpose of identifying the player in a game session, and nothing else. The author of this retooling of the Quake game engine has no interest at all in, and will not collect or send anywhere at all, any information related to a game session, other than the specific purpose detailed above.

Network play is an optional feature for Slip & Frag; a player may choose to play any games locally without any fear of any data being transmitted anywhere else during those sessions.

The author of this game engine retooling respects the privacy of the users of Slip & Frag, and is not motivated by anything else but seeing people happily using his work to play the game at their hearts' content.