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A simple GUI client to manage and update domains for this great Service DuckDNS, just download and run it!


Windows: .NET Framework 3.5 or greater.

Linux & OSX: Mono

How to use it

Windows: You can download the EXE file, it doesn't need anything else, just download it and run it, then add all domains that you need to manage, in menu "Tools->Settings" you can set the lapse time to update the domains, the min time default is 5 minutes. Once you set the time you can minimize the app and will be running on the tray system.

Download Windows version: DuckDNS.NET.exe

Linux & OSX: Download the zip file and unzip it, there are three files, this is because the windows version is compressed with this files in just one executable, but doing this makes the main EXE not compatible with Mono, this version is also compatible with windows. You can make a launcher or run it with Mono.

You can launch it from terminal too:

[max@server DuckDNS.NET]$ mono DuckDNS.NET.exe

Download Linux & OSX version: DuckDNS.NET