Add support for viewing unpaid NiceHash balance.

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Issue #121 resolved
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Resubmitting this ticket as the API for this was found by Rockett0, please remove if there is already an open ticket

It would be great to be able to view my unpaid NH balance as this is usually more pertinent/realtime than the wallet balance.

This could also allow last 24hr earning info.

For external wallets, the current api does show the unpaid balance per coin. IE Neoscrypt .0203433

It also shows the money they owe external wallets. from the hack. "attack_amount"

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  1. James Dimitrov repo owner

    The problem is that this API call does not show the wallet, and if I do all three API calls, NH limits and blocks the calls. so I have to have two only. In other words, it needs to either be the unpaid and the workers, the wallet and the workers, or the unpaid and the wallet...

  2. R Wade

    unpaid and the wallet! I have no interest in seeing the wildly fluctuating hashrates that get reported by the API

  3. macshuffle

    I agree. Having the unpaid balance is more meaningful than the miner status in my eyes. If it isn't too difficult, maybe it can be a user toggle-able option? Maybe limit options to wallet and workers or wallet and unpaid. I like seeing what I'm making a day while at the same time seeing how much is hanging on the pools waiting to be claimed.

  4. paul poco

    It was actually complaining about not having mph key as I was trying to setup Nicehash only as I get more than double earnings on Nicehash vs MPM and MPH.

    Entered the API ID and read only key for Nicehash but just shows Bitcoin price and the rest are 0.00

  5. James Dimitrov repo owner

    You can try entering 64 "a"'s as the API key for MPH. That should resolve that error.

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