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Issue #44 resolved
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Hi everyone. Bug:for exampe, I earn15$ daily, for 3 days I got 45$ without auto conversion. Then I enable auto conversion and all my auto conversion deals are indicated in "Payout Last 24 Hours" column so it shows that I get about 60$ (45 auto conversion and 15 from mining) for last 24 hours. I think, that's wrong.

Sussestion: please make header anf footer not attached, they take a lot of useful space!

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  1. James Dimitrov repo owner

    Headers and footers are stripped. One thing to keep in mind is that coin values change. So if you have X coins at one value after you convert them, the price can change so much that you can see differences like that. Companies like NiceHash mask all that from you and just show you the end result so it's more bearable but overall this is the same issue anyone faces when converting cryptos that are very volatile

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