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Commands and Permissions

All user and admin commands are listed here. To view the commands ingame type /clan help.

  • <parameter> is a regular parameter, you need to replace it with your own value.
  • {parameter} is an optional parameter, and may be left out.
  • [option1/option2] is a parameter that only accepts these specific values.

User Commands

Command Description Clan permission Sponge permission
/clan help {page} Lists all commands available
/clan page <page> Browse the pages of a table
/clan price See all the costs associated with clans mcclans.user.price
/clan create <clanTag> <clanName> Create a clan mcclans.user.create
/clan disband Disband a clan disband mcclans.user.disband
/clan list Lists all the clans mcclans.user.list
/clan leaderboard Lists all players sorted by KDR mcclans.user.leaderboard
/clan info {clanTag} Get the info of a clan
/clan roster {clanTag} See the members of a clan mcclans.user.roster
/clan stats {clanTag} See the statistics of a clan's members mcclans.user.stats
/clan invite <playerName> Invite a player to your clan invite mcclans.user.invite
/clan remove <playerName> Remove a player from your clan remove mcclans.user.remove
/clan accept Accept a pending clan invite mcclans.user.accept
/clan decline Decline a pending clan invite mcclans.user.decline
/clan friendlyfire clan [on/off/toggle] Toggle the clan's friendly fire protection friendlyfire mcclans.user.friendlyfire.clan
/clan friendlyfire personal [on/off/toggle] Toggle your personal friendly fire protection mcclans.user.friendlyfire.personal
/clan coords See the coordinates of your clan members coords mcclans.user.coords
/clan resign Resign from a clan mcclans.user.resign
/clan bank balance View the balance of the clan bank
/clan bank deposit Deposit currency in the clan bank deposit
/clan bank withdraw Withdraw currency from the clan bank withdraw
/clan rank create <rankName> {permissions} Create a rank rank mcclans.user.rank.create
/clan rank remove <rankName> Remove a rank rank mcclans.user.rank.remove
/clan rank rename <rankName> <newRankName> Rename a rank rank mcclans.user.rank.rename
/clan rank view {rankName} View the properties of the rank or all ranks rank mcclans.user.rank.view
/clan rank permission set <rankName> <permissions> Sets the given permissions to a rank rank mcclans.user.rank.permission.set
/clan rank permission add <rankName> <permissions> Adds the given permissions to a rank rank mcclans.user.rank.permission.add
/clan rank permission remove <rankName> <permissions> Removes the given permissions from a rank rank mcclans.user.rank.permission.remove
/clan rank permission view View all available permissions rank mcclans.user.rank.permission.view
/clan player info {playerName} Get the info of yourself or another player
/clan player setrank <playerName> <rankName> Set the rank of a member of your clan setrank mcclans.user.player.setrank
/clan home Teleport to your clan home home mcclans.user.home
/clan sethome Set the location of your clan home sethome mcclans.user.sethome
/clan tag color <color> Change the clan tag color tag mcclans.user.tag
/clan ally invite <clanTag> Invite another clan to become an ally ally
/clan ally remove <clanTag> Remove an allied clan ally
/clan ally inviteable [on/off/toggle] Change if the clan is accepting ally invites ally
/clan ally accept Accept a pending ally invite ally
/clan ally decline Decline a pending ally invite ally
/clan chat global {message} Talk in global chat
/clan chat clan {message} Talk in clan chat clanchat
/clan chat ally {message} Talk in ally chat allychat
/clan chat ignore clan [on/off/toggle] Ignore clan chat
/clan chat ignore ally [on/off/toggle] Ignore ally chat

Admin Commands

Command Description Sponge permission
/clan admin backup Create a backup stored in config\mcclans\data\backup mcclans.admin.backup
/clan admin create <owner> <clanTag> <clanName> Create a clan mcclans.admin.create
/clan admin disband <clanTag> Disband a clan mcclans.admin.disband
/clan admin home <clanTag> Teleport to a clan home mcclans.admin.home
/clan admin sethome <clanTag> Set the location of a clan home mcclans.admin.sethome
/clan admin invite <clanTag> <playerName> Invite a player to a clan mcclans.admin.invite
/clan admin remove <clanTag> <playerName> Remove a player from a clan mcclans.admin.remove
/clan admin coords <clanTag> See the coordinates of a clan's members mcclans.admin.coords
/clan admin tag color <clanTag> <color> Change a clan tag color mcclans.admin.tag.color
/clan admin setrank <clanTag> <playerName> <rankName> Set the rank of a member of a clan mcclans.admin.setrank
/clan admin spy [on/off/toggle] Spy on all the clan chats mcclans.admin.spy
/clan admin clanplayer setkills <playerName> <high> <medium> <low> Set the kills of a player mcclans.admin.clanplayer.setkills
/clan admin clanplayer setdeaths <playerName> <high> <medium> <low> Set the deaths of a player mcclans.admin.clanplayer.setdeaths
/clan admin clanplayer transfer <targetClanPlayer> <newPlayerName> Transfer all player properties to a different player mcclans.admin.clanplayer.transfer
/clan admin clanplayer remove <playerName> Remove all player properties mcclans.admin.clanplayer.remove