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Atlassian Bamboo Checkstyle plugin

This is an Atlassian Bamboo plugin, which provides the ability to view Checkstyle and PHP_CodeSniffer results.


Visit "View Checkstyle/CodeSniffer" plugin at Atlassian Marketplace.

Checkstyle view

This plugin lists your results from Checkstyle, or PHP_CodeSniffer.

Tools with equal XML-output are covered, too.


Checkstyle result on plan-level

Checkstyle result on job-level

Checkstyle report


After installing this plugin, you have a new Bamboo-task Process Checkstyle result.

Process Checkstyle result task type

Add this task to your job-tasks:

Task configuration

If your Bamboo-job was already producing target/checkstyle-result.xml (this file-path is configurable at task-setting), you are done with configuration.

If not, add another task, which runs before "Process Checkstyle result". This other task has to produce Checkstyle XML output.

Here is a Maven-example:

mvn clean checkstyle:checkstyle

"Process Checkstyle result" task configuration options

Option Description Required
Path to Checkstyle XML result file Content as name suggests. Path is relative to working directory yes, but is prefilled