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And welcome to the first created FAQ entry on this side of the forum. Below you will find a small index page with questions and the link to a possible answer.

Please note that although most questions have been formed to cover most issues, they can deviate a bit from the actual problem you as a user are experiencing. I simply ask you to take your time reading, since most issues are solved in the answer.

If for any reason the question you have is not answered in the faq below, please use the forum's search function first! Threads that repeat questions already answered will be closed / moved / deleted / burned alive / send to my dog for consumption! You have been warned!!

If you have an addition to the FAQ, please send me a PM with at least the question and answer.


HLstatsX:CE Modteam

First While this FAQ has been around for a while now, it's been written for version 1.6.10. It might work with versions below that as well, though I can't guarantee nor support it!

Thanks to Rawh for the original FAQ section.

If you are looking for additional assistance, please use one of our support methods on our Community page.

Q:How can I resolve the 0/0 players notation on the website?

Q:How can I resolve the 366573:0 maptime notation on the website?

Q:My server is getting the error: "NOT ALLOWED SERVER"

A:This can be because of a few issues

  1. Take a look at the Hosting Blacklist? Is your webhoster mentioned? If so, stop everything you are trying to do, it won't work, get a different hoster!!!
  2. Is the Daemon running? 3.Is the port that the Daemon is listening on open? (is it firewalled or are you perhaps behind a router?)
  3. Do you have the correct modtype for the gameserver you are running? (ie. DoD:S and not DoD gold)
  4. Is the server you wish to include in the stats also filled in as a gameserver under the gametab (admin section)?
  5. Have you added the loggaddress to the config?

Either add the following to the server.cfg or the autoexec.cfg file:

  • HL2 logaddress_add ip:port

  • HL1 logaddress_add ip port

  1. The server's rcon password is not the same with that it is configured with. Please login as admin on the website. Go to the gameslist and click on the gamemod you are hosting. Click on the tab called "edit server" and then on the link called "configure". A new page should be shown in which is a textbox with the option of filling in a rcon password. Make sure the rcon on both this textfield and your gameserver are the same.
  2. RESTART the daemon

Q:I'm getting errors with Geo::IP::PurePerl. What is it? What does it require?

Q:The users country flags do not work, I only get the default flags, why?

A:HlstatsX:CE has the option of allowing country flags. It requires certain programs in order for this to work. Geo::IP::PurePerl is such a package and can be installed in a different of ways

Via linux command line (cli) To install Geo::IP::PurePerl via cli you will need to be root and type the following: perl -MCPAN -e 'install Geo::IP::PurePerl'

Via Cpanel

Via CPAN Again go to a linux command line. Do the following as root cpan install Geo::IP::PurePerl

It should now be installed.

With ppm on Windows. If using ActivePerl, open Perl Package Manager. Search for Geo-IP-PurePerl. Mark for Install. Run marked actions. If Geo-IP-PurePerl is not found, you may need to add a repository for it.

After installing Geo::IP::PurePerl you will need to set the method you are going to use with the flags. Go to the /scripts/GeoLiteCity/ directory, and execute the file called "". It might be nessecary to chmod the file to +x (execute) before you will be able to run it. This will download the GeoLiteCity.dat.

Now the only thing left is to go to your stats website, login as admin, choose "HLstatsX:CE Settings", browse down to "award settings" and select "GeoIP lookup via binary file" option. Restart the daemon afterwards!

Q:What is this GeoLiteCity.dat file and how do I get it?

A:GeoLiteCity.dat is a file that is used for Geo-ip lookup

It is one of the options in the HlstatsX:CE settings tab of the website interface (after being logged in as admin).

Currently HLX:CE supports looking up IP location through the GeoLiteCity.dat file or through the MySQL database. We highly recommend that you use the GeoLiteCity.dat file instead of the database as these lookups can be quite intensive.

If you are on a Linux system, we have provided the necessary script to obtain the GeoLiteCity.dat file. We do not have a Windows script at this time.

On a Linux system follow these steps: 1. SSH to the server you installed the "scripts" folder on and change directory into "scripts/GeoLiteCity". 2. At the shell type "./" 3. This will download the binary and decompress it properly. 4. Verify that your setting in HLX:CE admin console is set to use the GeoLiteCity.dat file and not the database

You can schedule, using CRON, that script to run on a monthly or weekly basis if you wish. The script will download a new copy every time from the GeoLiteCity web site and automatically update your .dat file.

On a Windows machine you must manually obtain the file and extract it as GeoLiteCity.dat.

To do this: 1. Change your directory to that where you file is stored in. There should be a directory there called "GeoLiteCity". Change to this directory. 2. Download the following file: 3. 4. Using 7zip (or another program that can handle .gz files) extract the file GeoLiteCity.dat into the GeoLiteCity directory.