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WAD-QC 2.0 contains:

  • wad_core: processor, selector, and analyser
  • wad_qc: module interfaces and APIs for IO of database (dbio) and PACS (pacsio)
  • wad_admin: command line and web interface for administration of the WAD-QC Server
  • wad_dashboard: web interface for reporting of analysis results
  • wad_api: REST interface for WAD-QC Results.
  • wad_setup: command line installer
  • Dox: documentation of the WAD Server
  • Tools (for creating uploadable analysis modules and for creating config files for analysis modules)
  • Tests (of the core functionality)
  • OrthancBuild (scripts for building a local, static Orthanc

This project does not contain any analysis modules, they have to be installed using the WAD-Admin tool that is installed as part of the WAD-QC server.


Current status is stable. Major changes after version 0.6.2 will be highlighted in the Changelog.

At present pacsio only supports Orthanc.

Only the SQLite and the PostgreSQL backends for the WAD-QC database and Orthanc have been tested.

Installation instructions are available for:

  • Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04
  • CentOS 7
  • Windows 10, using WSL (not recommended for production)