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WADQC / Troubleshooting_for_usage

Errors while using WAD-QC

This section is for troubleshooting errors with a successfully installed WAD-QC server. For help with installation problems, head over to Troubleshooting for installation.

WAD-QC Log Files

A WAD-QC installation consists of several components. Each component has its own error log. These can be found here:

  • WAD-Selector: <WADROOT>/WAD_QC/Logs/wad_selector.log
  • WAD-Processor: <WADROOT>/WAD_QC/Logs/wad_control.log
  • WAD-Admin: <WADROOT>/WAD_QC/Logs/wadqc_admin.log
  • WAD-Dashboard: <WADROOT>/WAD_QC/Logs/wadqc_dashboard.log
  • Orthanc: <WADROOT>/WAD_QC/Logs/Orthanc.log
  • PostgreSQL: <WADROOT>/pgsql/data/pg_log/postgresql-<datetime>.log

Apache2 Log Files

In addition there are some specific Apache2 log files if Apache2 is used for serving:

  • WAD-Admin: /var/log/apache2/wadadmin_access.log and var/log/apache2/wadadmin_error.log
  • WAD-Dashboard: /var/log/apache2/waddashboard_access.log and var/log/apache2/waddashboard_error.log

Internal Server Error


If you encounter the dreaded "Internal Server Error", you'll have to look in the Apache2 log files for a clue.

Unexpected behavior

For other errors or unexpected behavior, look at the WAD-QC log files.