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WAD-API is the REST interface for WAD-QC. It is intended to ease building of new reporting tools, and enables a remote PACS to trigger the WAD-Selector.

By default WAD-API runs on port 3000 (http://url-of-wadserver), but this can be configured in the installation recipe (e.g. http://url-of-wadserver:1234 for port 1234).

REST Users

The REST interface can only be accessed by dedicated REST users. The only exception is the WAD-Selector trigger, which is accessible to anyone.

REST uses can have one of these roles:

  • rest_minor: only basic functions
  • rest_major: basic and advanced functions
  • rest_full: basic, advanced, and administrative functions


The following api routes are implemented, response is JSON-data; the minimum REST role is indicated.

  • POST /api/authenticate --> post user and password, get a jwt-token back (rest_minor)
  • POST /api/verifytoken --> post a jwt-token, token is checked, usefull for automatic logon (rest_minor)
  • GET /api/selectors --> list of all selectors (rest_major)
  • GET /api/selectors/x --> selector with id=x (rest_major)
  • GET /api/selectors/x/results --> list of all results of selector with id=x (rest_major)
  • GET /api/selectors/x/results/y --> result with id=y of selector with id=x (rest_major)
  • GET /api/selectors/x/results/y/dicom --> data-id and data-source of result with id=y of selector with id=x (rest_major)
  • GET /api/selectors/x/results/last --> last result (based on datetime test) of selector with id=x (rest_major)
  • GET /api/selectors/x/results/y/tests/z/t --> test with id=z and type=t of result with id=y of selector with id=x (rest_major)
  • GET /api/wadselector?studyid=x&source=y --> Trigger to start WAD_Selector with studyid=x and source=y (anyone)

All routes are protected, authentication can be done with a valid jwt-token or basic http authentication.

Intended use

Use WAD-Admin to create a REST user with the correct role.