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I needed access to JIRA issues labels in C#. I originally started forking the very cool Atlassian.NET SDK which is SOAP based but quickly learned why it didn't have label support -- because JIRA SOAP API doesn't...

So thanks to the wonders of JIRA REST API documentation, RestSharp, and JSON.NET, I was able to throw this together rather quickly.

And I'm sure you can tell it was quickly. Nevertheless, I thought it was worthwhile to throw out here in case I extend it more, make it a real project, or someone else more motivated than I wants to fork it or just use the ideas for a better library.


Because this 100 lines of code is so irresistible, I put it on NuGet. Package ID is JiraRestClient.


For an awesome, in-depth usage example, see the highly detailed unit-ish test.

Update 2012-07-23

Hi all,

I apologize for my absence on this. I started a new job back in December and am not actively working on JIRA as part of my day-to-day responsibilities. The workload of my new job along with some circumstances in my personal life have not left me much steam to continue work on this project.

If anyone continues this work, there is a new HttpClient (System.Net.Http) that is helpful for REST calls and JSON.NET is what the Microsoft Web API team is settling on for JSON handling.

I can definitely be available for some design thoughts / discussion on this but probably can't offer much in the realm of coding time. Skype (michael.a.jansen) or Google+ ( are decent ways to get in touch with me.