Crash when within certain range of a Blaze

Issue #100 resolved
mezzodrinker created an issue

It appears that MobTalker2 causes Minecraft to crash when a player is in proximity of a Blaze.

According to the crash report, the Enderman AI was registered onto a Blaze entity, which caused the continueExecuting function to raise a ClassCastException in l. 40 because EntityBlaze can’t be cast to EntityEnderman.

The issue appears to be reproducible on the world used, not sure if we can reproduce this in a test system because technically the Enderman AI should not be registered for a Blaze entity under any circumstances.

Looks similar to but is probably not (directly) connected to #72.

The installation used yarrmateys' Cute Mob Models mod; While I’m fairly certain this won’t have any impact on the issue, might as well check out if it does.

Originally reported here.

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  1. mezzodrinker reporter, ll. 34-36:

    replaceIndex( targetTasks, 1,
                  new MobTalkerAiEndermanTarget( adapter ) );


  2. mezzodrinker reporter

    Make Blaze AI use general NearestAttackableTarget AI instead of Enderman-specific one (fixes #100)

    Add failsaves which raise an error when a behaviour is added to an entity type it does not support.

    → <<cset 9bc7a7fc450e>>

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