Problems with multiple script files

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Issue #11 resolved
mezzodrinker created an issue

Multiple script files are being appended to each other without at least a whitespace (" ") to separate them, resulting in problems with labels and functions. Example:

File "part1.script"

label Start

File "part2.script"

label Foobar

File "MobTalker2.pack"

    "scripts": {
        "Creeper": {
            "files": [

If "part1.script" does not end with a whitespace (" ") or a newline character ("\n"), MobTalker will complain about the script being faulty (mismatched input 'endlabel' expecting 'end').

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  1. Chimaine

    I implemented a new system for parsing scripts for 0.2.1 beta, where scripts are no longer appended but parsed individually (implemented as part for better error messages), so this should no longer be a problem.

    Reopen this issue if it still is a problem in 0.2.1 beta.

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