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mezzodrinker created an issue

I was thinking about creating some tables with functions as their data values for my script (for e.g. random menus). It could eventually look a bit like this:

// Value assignment
$var = function(arg1, arg2)
  // Do something in here

// Function call

Would be awesome if something like this could be implemented.

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  1. Fabian Maurer

    But you can aready store functions in tables/variables. I have implemented random menus in my script.

  2. Fabian Maurer

    For example like this:

    function testFunc($var1, $var2)
        say $var1 $var2;
    label Start
        $tableTest = {};
        $tableTest[0] = $testFunc;
        $tableTest[0]("Creeper", "Hello!");
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