Mobs keep atacking/killing me

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Ikky T. created an issue

Supposly, when we talk with any mob using this mod this mob stops atacking us! But this isn't happening with me...When i stop talking whit the specific mob it will atacks me again! Can it be a script or a mod problem? I'm using: Minecraft: 1.6.4 Forge: (Most recent forge version for 1.6.4 Minecraft) Mods: -> Mob Talker 2 (version 0.3.5 that is still on beta - that could be the problem but i don't know) -> OptiFineHD_U_C6 (this mod couldn't have issues i played with a big variety of mod in all my life using this mod too and never found any issue with him!) ->Yarr Cute Mob Model 1.0.2 (A remaked version of cute mob models mod... because the original mod hasn't updated yet... it is to version 1.5.2 but this mod couldn't be the problem because i tried to play in survival without it and the mobs still atack me when i stop talking whit them! Script: DarkShadow44's Script 2.0 dev0.2 MT0.4.0 (This is the biggest script i found to MobTalker2 it only have creeper and zombie... talking with zombie will not late much but with creeper i haven't finished yet... this script can be found in Mob Talker 2 Wiki's scripts area)

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  1. Chimaine

    Supposedly a script thing and intended behavior. If you don't reach a certain point where the script instructs the mob to stop attacking you, it will continue to attack you.

    If you think that's not the case, please upload your log files.

  2. Ikky T. reporter

    I see... the problem should be the script i found the words "LoveLevelInc" or something like that in "Story.txt" of the zombie folder in the script but in the creeper one i haven't found it... there are more txt archives so i dont know how to change it but how i said plugin is DarkShadow44's Script 2.0 dev0.2 MT0.4.0... im not sure but i think its still in development the mob talker 2's oficial website give us a link to 1.4 version but de 2.0 version is still in development so that can be te problem other problem is that DarkShadow44 talked about a saving system that it's possible now but i think it wasn't implemented yet so thank you so much ill report the problems do darkshadow44 because it's a cool script... the story is really interesting and is really long...

  3. Chimaine

    Like I said and you yourself discovered, this has nothing to do with MobTalker2 so I'll close this issue. Consult the script author.

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