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Geoffrey Swenson created an issue

I downloaded everything I needed to make this mod work. Forge, mobtalker 2, and scripts. When I go to talk to a mob, creeper for example the text will be there but there is no character being displayed. I could really use some help in how to fix this issue. Did I forget to download something?

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  1. Geoffrey Swenson reporter

    Thanks for the fast response, once I download the art pack should I put the contents in the script folder? Or should I make a new folder under the mobtalker2 section?

  2. mezzodrinker

    Please read the wiki page I linked in my first response, it is explained how to install an art pack there.

  3. Geoffrey Swenson reporter

    Everything looks all good but it still does not work. I know I'm asking a lot from you already but what am I doing wrong now?image.jpg

  4. mezzodrinker

    Straight from the Art Pack wiki page:

    To install an Art Pack, you have two options:

    • put the .zip file of the Art Pack into .minecraft/mobtalker2/resources (for all Script Packs)
    • extract all contents of the Art Pack into a folder named resources inside a Script Pack of your choice (for an individual Script Pack)

    In case you didn't understand the "put the .zip file" part, that means the .zip file itself, not its extracted contents.

  5. Geoffrey Swenson reporter

    Thank you so much for all your help! I really appreciate you taking your time out and helping me solve this problem!

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