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Chimaine created an issue

As the title says.

Open to discussion is the option to first port to 1.8.9, or do 1.9 as well. I'm currently leaning towards 1.9 only, since this version of MC was accepted more readily by modders than 1.8.

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  1. Fabian Maurer

    From what I saw, the current main versions are 1.11.2 and 1.7.10. How about a 1.11.2 version, too?

  2. Fabian Maurer

    Pushed my current changes to feature/test-port-mc-version. Still a WIP though, it it loads. Current issues:

    • Rendering of the GUI broken, images work fine
    • Spams NullPointerException at saving for some reason
    • Probably saving of the adapter doesn't work either
    • Needs a lof of testing for API functions due to big changes
    • AI probably needs to be reworked

    If you want to take a look at it, feel free to help me out.

  3. Fabian Maurer

    I think I understand now how the new system works. Now no crashes, and saving/loading works like you'd expect.
    I'll tackle the graphics issues next, then the API. Regarding the API, I'd propose to write a regression test script, that can guides a tester through a series of checks for broken functionality. I'd take on the task creating and managing it. How should we integrate it into the source tree though?

  4. mezzodrinker

    What do you mean by "regression test script"? A script that tests all functionality of the API? That will get complicated without a means of spawning entities.

    As for the source tree, I don't think there's any beautiful solution for this, because the script(s) need to be able to be read by the Minecraft instance. One way to do this would be to write a script in the root directory of the repository, set the root directory as run directory for the Minecraft instance and then include the script by using require. Another way would be to commit the directory tree that contains the script and the run directory, but both solutions would somewhat clog up the repository, IMO.

    Also, I haven't seen you on Discord in an eternity, do you still use it?

  5. Fabian Maurer

    I mean a script that at least tests a major part of the API. Like, giving the player items and then asking whether he got it, and so on. Could be useful, since I made a bunch of changes and am not totally sure if I didn't break something.

    Yes, I'm still on discord, just not often. Sorry for that.

  6. Fabian Maurer

    1.9.4 version is now working, still needs a few tests. If you find any bugs, just add them here.

  7. Fabian Maurer

    Ported it to 1.10.2 and 1.11.2. In the latter, the name if the mobtalker item is still nonlocalised, even if I don't know why yet. I also added a 1.12 version, but it doesn't work due to some forge-guava incompatibility.

    Now, which version to we focus on?

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