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rcmaehl created an issue

I've been looking over your documentation and you have your elseif command as else if. Shouldn't it be elseif as in most programming languages as not to confuse existing programmers?

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  1. rcmaehl reporter

    Well you said yourself that the language is based on Lua and Ren'Py. In Lua it's ElseIf, although I don't know what it is in Ren'Py.

  2. Chimaine

    Yes, it's based on those. I did change some syntax rules, like the $ for variables.

    else if is, implementation wise, an if-else within an else block, so I decided to go with that. From what I know about Lua bytecode, the elseif is more appropiate there. I have no idea why Python (Ren'Py) uses elif.

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