Add rudimentary default script instructing users how to install Script Packs

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mezzodrinker created an issue

Since we’ve got topics popping up in the forums every now and then saying that someone has installed the “default script pack” of MobTalker2, adding an actual default script pack which gives instructions on where to find and how to install a script pack might be good UX-wise.

The script itself shouldn’t be anything too fancy or clunky, so it should be very easy to create. The only thing that really needs adjustment is the running of script packs. Since MobTalker2 only notifies the user that no script pack has been installed at the moment, there needs to be some sort of code change to trigger the default script pack, along with error handling for cases where the script pack might not work unexpectedly (like when devs change something and forget to adjust it >_>).

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