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FairShift has been written in C# and is using the SlimDX Framework. It supports H wheels in the racing simulation Grand Prix Legends. On top of that the main feature is, that it delivers the original shifting times (0.222 milliseconds). So there will be no more advantage for drivers using GPLSHIFT and no clutch. This software will not alter the exe file. All operations are being done live. Therefore you have to start FairShift first and activate it. Then fire up Grand Prix Legends. Go to "Downloads" and try it.

Version 2.0 now also supports a clutch pedal. With FairShift you are able to monitor shifting times in GPLRA with or without the usage of a clutch. Therefore the approach to simulate a clutch is a bit different to standard GPL and or GPLSHIFT. The gear lever will jump into neutral while it is activated.

UPDATE Version 2.1 New exe files have been included to be recognized in FairShift e.g. CanAm Mods and more. One of our users requested to make the shifter wave sample to be adjustable in its volume. Therefore in Version 2.1 a volume slider has been integrated. Thats it. If you have more ideas, get in contact with me.

All in all FairShift will guarantee you standard GPL shifting times for all possible setups regarding H shifting. They can be easily monitored with GPLRA. The online racing league GPLRACER already announced to make this tool mandatory for 2014 for all drivers using H shifting. This will allow an equal level of competition among all drivers no matter what kind of wheel they use.

I hope you enjoy this tool and of course it is for free! But if you wish to express your appreciation for the time and resources spent in the development and support, I do accept and appreciate donations.

Software & hardware requirements

  • Minimum OS is Windows 98
  • .NET framework 2.0
  • Steering device (H shifter)


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##How to use FairShift - make sure your wheel is connected to the pc - click on the desktop icon FairShift - in case you have more than one game controllers plugged in, you will be asked to choose the H shifter device - click on "choose wheel" listbox to select your game controller - in case it is not listed, choose custom and read the text (How to assign...) below - click on "START" - now you can start your gpl - everything working? then you can also activate the checkbox ´auto start on boot´ - this option will keep FairShift active and listening right from the start - try avoiding any new button assignments while FairShift is in a listening mode - info: in gpl there is no arm animation for a gear change

How to assign buttons to my wheel in case its not listed:

  • press your shifter into a gear
  • you will see in the textbox "Active Button" the number to be assigned
  • enter that number into the appropiate textbox for the needed gear
  • if you have finished, click on DONE
  • not assigned buttons will automatically get the value -1

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

a) I see the same gear delay times for upshifting and downshifting. Is that correct? This is the current technical approach to realize an artifical shifting delay.

b) Are there any software/hardware requirements? ATM FairShift needs a fully installed version of .NET 2.0 framework or higher. Be careful, theres also a sort of .NET 4.0 client profile out there which might be not sufficient.

c) Which kind of wheels are supported? In theory any wheel with a working H shifter. Sequential and paddles are not supported by intention. So as long your game controller shows up in windows, it will also work in FairShift . In case you have installed multiple game controllers, FairShift will ask you which device should be used for H shifting. **

d) Im getting a sort of access / violation error... - Try to start a gplxx.exe in windows explorer (not through GEM or IGOR) and see if that helps. In case it does, read this:

Running any gpl.exe file from GEM --> crash Running any gpl.exe file from the folder in windows explorer -> ok

Solution: The reason was a checkbox ticked in "run as admin" (section compatibility) for GEM (check shortcut properties or .exe properties in windows explorer). I unchecked it and everything started to run smooth as it should be.


e) Does FairShift support all MODS in GPL? This is the current list of supported exe-files: gpl, gplc65, gplc66, gplc67, gplcf2, gplcgt, gplctc, gplm71, gplx69, gplc69, gplc68, gplh67, gplc37, gplc51, gplc55, gplc68, gplcat, gplccm, gplccx, gplcrx, gplctm, gpln65, gpln67, gplm66, gplm71, gplc55, gpl167, gpl267, gpl367, gpl467, gpl567, gpl667, gpl767

In the folder FairShift is a xml file called "list.xml". This can be modified to support future mods. Watch out to keep the tag structure identically otherwise you might experience some trouble.

f) Im using some other features in GPLSHIFT like FOV. Is FairShift working with a patched GPL.exe? You can run FairShift with GPLShift. The configuration file for GPLShift has the option of putting NONE for the shifter device to allow use of other shift utilities. Unfortunately, the force clutch option doesn't work when you do this. The option ´force clutch´ doesnt work in conjunction FairShift . You can use the FOV function and other functions of GPLShift while using FairShift.

g) Is FairShift working with 60 FPS? Yes, it does also work with the 60 FPS patch.

h) Sometimes i change the button numbers and they are not working, only after a restart? Try avoiding any changes in the wheel configuration while FairShift is in a listening mode for a gpl.exe. Any changes in this mode may not work. So first configure your wheel properly and then fire it up.

i) Damn, this crap is still not working. What can I do? First try to work on this checklist to avoid any installation or setup problems.

  • Is GplShift installed verify its configuration file. This configuration file can be found in your main gpl directory and has the file name GPLshift.ini. Open this file and verify that the field Shifter_Model is set to NONE.
  • Do you have the newest version? Check your version number (on the top left on the FairShift window) with the one listed in the newest download link.
  • Did you install the .NET 2.0 framework or higher? You can verify it in windows, check the list of all installed programs.
  • You find it under the name "Microsoft .NET Framework". The requirements is 2.0 or higher and avoid the client profile version. The full version is needed. Normally, the setup.exe will ask you to install this framework in case you dont have it.
  • Did you install the SlimDX framework? This is also sth you can verify in windows. Check the list for the name "SlimDX...". If its there, everything is ok.
  • Select in FairShift "Custom" in button mode. Now put in a gear of your H shifting device. Is there a number displayed in the text box "Active Button"? If yes, then continue the checklist. Otherwise report in forum.
  • In case everything looks fine in FairShift itself but in GPL theres just no respond (or weird) to your wheel: Set in GPL the gear up and gear down on KP+ and KP-. Try to uninstall the gplshift.dll injection in gpl.exe. Dont forget to recreate all mod exe files afterwards through GEM so they are also unpatched.