Destiny bond in first battle with Damian allows roaming with fainted party.

Issue #1489 duplicate
Cygnus created an issue

While doing a Randomizer nuzlocke, my first fight with Damian after we got our pokemon, he got Hoopa, which Destiny knotted. Fight ended with him "losing" but my pokemon fainting. I got the winning text and did not go to the pokemon center, but my only pokemon was still fainted. Still couldn't revive it at the pokemon center, because nuzlocke and all. I finally crashed when I first started a battle. The error message was something like "no unfainted pokemon"

Posting this as a blocker because it ends everything in the Randomizer Nuzlocke I was doing.

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  1. SkilledSkittlez

    In the battle with Harmony, she used Destiny Bond or something to make my Pokemon faint after fainting hers. So I was roaming around with fully fainted Pokemon and then after I continued to go with the story line, fight a guy with no live Pokemon on Route 10 and now my game won't load up. I've tried re-downloading is there a possible way I got go back to my last save?

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