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About GeoCopy

GeopCopy is a small java application which allows to copy the geo-information (GPS), encapsulated in the EXIF header, from images in one directory to images in another directory. This can come in handy when you've tagged your images online and want to copy the geo-information from these (usually lower resolution) images to your originals.
The changelog can be found here: Changelog


This application uses ExifTool by Phil Harvey. You have to download this and put it the same directory as the GeoCopy.jar.
Copy the images with the geo-information to a directory named 'from'.
Copy the images to which the geo-information must be copied in a directory named 'to'.
This basically looks like:

Do notice that the images in the from and to directory have the same name. This is a must because otherwise we don't know to which file we have to copy the information.
A warning will be printed for 'DSCF8728.jpg' since there is no image with the same name in the To directory.

Running the application

The application is realtively easy to run from the command line.

Copy geo information

The copy command will start copying the geo-information from the from directory to the to-directory.

java -jar GeoCopy.jar copy

Restore images

The original image is backed-up by default. If something went wrong you can rever to the original using the following command:

java -jar GeoCopy.jar restore

Clean Up

As said in the previous part, a back-up file is created. To remove all the back-up files you can use the following command:

java -jar GeoCopy.jar clean