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sec2 / Changelog


2.1.1 (2023-07-05)


  • Fixed: a bug that was sending debug messages to the logs.

2.1.0 (2023-07-03)


  • Added: WhiteList Mode. Allows only a set of listed CDKeys to join a Servers.
  • Added: Display Original DisplayName when Players joining.
  • Added: NOCLIP_HACK Detection.
  • Added: AIM_HELPER_HACK Detection.
  • Added: DROP_GRANADE hack detection.
  • Added: SEC2 Option: Random map Selection.
  • Added: SEC2 Option: DisableAnimationCheck for compatibility with certain mods.
  • Added: SEC2 Option: MuteServer option and command, to fully mute a server when needed.
  • Added: SEC2 Option: ChatDelay option and command, to slow down conversations and or spammers ingame.
  • Changed: SPEED_HACK Detection logic.
  • Changed: Players joining with Invalid CDKey now are only kicked, not banned.
  • Changed: All players get notifications when a player leaves the game.
  • Changed: Clients will get a proper description of the reason they can’t join a server.
  • Fixed: Server crash by IPBanned players joining back over and over.
  • Fixed: Server crash by INVALID_CLIENT_DATA attack.
  • Fixed: Server Crash by many Flooding attacks (Around 12).


  • Added: if master server is down, query backup servers when retrieving server list
  • Added: Clients will get a proper description of the reason they are not joining a Server.
  • Changed: To join a mod server, a new helper file is needed. The game can create It now If it doesn’t exist.
  • Fixed: Properly counts servers and players ingame.
  • Fixed: (Finally) Crashes on searching Servers.

2.0.1 (2014-03-01)


  • Added: player statistics reporting to master server
  • Added: new commands to dynamically assign a password to a server (cmd_lockserver <password>, cmd_unlockserver)
  • Added: new command to randomize teams (cmd_scramble)
  • Added: broadcast message when server is paused or unpaused
  • Added: silent admin login option (usage: “scmd login silent” instead of “scmd login mode”)
  • Added: option to exclude members of the same clan from auto balance
  • Changed: “ADMIN:” is now prefixed to all admin broadcast messages
  • Changed: renamed cmd_chgpass to cmd_chgscmdpass
  • Changed: UA mode (cmd_unarmed) will now be disabled at the end of the map
  • Changed: disable cd-key check when LanOnly=1
  • Changed: PICKUP_HACK to warning instead of automatic ban, and exceeding warning threshold will result in temp ban
  • Fixed: server crash bug caused by restarting map when server is paused
  • Fixed: do not display FLY_HACK warning while server is paused
  • Fixed: servers not appearing in serverlist when containing a large number of custom maps
  • Removed: blacklisted keys check, since all old keys are treated as invalid


  • Added: “Querying” text box when retrieving server list to show game is not hung
  • Added: if master server is down, query backup server when retrieving server list
  • Changed: master server query timeout from 10 sec to 5 sec
  • Fixed: always set dedicated server to true when launching host from in-game
  • Removed: punkbuster column from server list

2.0 Final (2013-01-09)

  • Changed: Updated version to Final for public release

2.0 Beta 7.1 (2012-12-20)

  • Changed: Redirect key authentication requests to a new master server
  • Changed: Redirect backend availability requests to a new master server

2.0 Beta 7 (2012-09-03)

  • Added: blacklisting of publicly available keys
  • Added: display client guids in scmd listclients and server log output
  • Added: new UA mode command: cmd_unarmed <0|1|2> (0=disabled, 1=enabled, 2=enabled + no nades)
  • Fixed: fly hack warning after jumping into water
  • Fixed: disable stdout/stderr buffering for log output
  • Fixed: pickup hack detection logic
  • Fixed: cmd_unbanip regression bug
  • Fixed: cmd_mute invisibility bug
  • Fixed: cmd_forcespectate setting not persisting beyond a map change or restart

2.0 Beta 6 (2012-07-11):

  • Added: additional feedback when adding ip bans (cmd_banip)
  • Changed: mute radio broadcasts and player name changes for muted players
  • Fixed: cd-key authentication timeout issues

2.0 Beta 5 (2012-05-29):

  • Added: new private messaging command (cmd_msg <id> <message>)
  • Added: optional reason parameter for warnings (cmd_warnuser <id> [reason])
  • Added: optional damage amount parameter to cmd_burn, cmd_fry, and cmd_energy (note: damage amount must be a multiple of 25).
  • Added: multi-step scmd login authentication to prevent accidental revelation of passwords (1. scmd login mode, 2. scmd login <pass>)
  • Added: new client reservation system (ReservedUserList.txt, cmd_reserveuser <id>, cmd_unreserveuser <id>, cmd_listreservedusers)
  • Added: new ping management system (MaxPing, MaxAvgPing, MaxPingVariance)
  • Added: new customizable SEC2 options (see example ServerOptions.txt -- [SEC2] section)
  • Added: new commands to display and update most SEC2 options from in-game (cmd_showsec2option <option>, cmd_setsec2option <option> <value>)
  • Added: option to protect admins from being slayed by other admins (AllowSlayAdmins=<0|1>)
  • Added: option to disable votes when admins are logged in (AllowVotesWithAdmin=<0|1>)
  • Added: option to specify custom connection timeout value (ConnectionTimeout=<# secs>)
  • Added: option to enable or disable banning of hackers (BanHackers=<0|1>) -- useful for testing purposes!
  • Fixed: an issue handling player names containing semi-colons (;)
  • Fixed: exception handling when removing user or ip bans
  • Fixed: user ban file format no longer includes unnecessary port # after the ip address
  • Fixed: 2-second lag issue when a player joins the server
  • Changed: broadcast msg for cmd_slay, cmd_burn, cmd_fry, cmd_energy now indicates the type
  • Changed: do not allow muted players to call votes

2.0 Beta 4 (2012-04-22):

  • Added: admin broadcasts for client connects/disconnects, hack warnings, etc.
  • Added: additional hack detections (fly_hack, votespam_hack, teamid_hack)
  • Added: vote throttling
  • Changed: let clients know when they are muted

2.0 Beta 3 (2012-04-13):

  • Added: cmd_mute, cmd_forcespectate commands
  • Fixed: flush bans to disk when removing a ban

2.0 Beta 2 (2012-04-02):

  • Added: cmd_tempbanuser, cmd_untempbanuser commands
  • Added: Botz3000 64 player addon
  • Changed: Display "bans successfully flushed to disk" message in logs
  • Fixed: IP bans displayed as chinese characters in Windows build
  • Fixed: CMD commands not working from Windows dedicated server console
  • Fixed: EOL character for IP and User ban txt files in Windows build
  • Fixed: crash bug when using cmd_unbanip command

2.0 Beta 1 (2012-03-25):

  • Initial release