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Available Release Features

Each of these top-level bullets list a custom build that can be found in the Downloads section of this project.

No builds are currently available; as of April, 2014, all existing build files were removed due to the Heartbleed bug. Please obtain OpenVPN version 2.3.3 from the official project page. Future builds for Windows will appear here as I have time to prepare them.

Former releases

  • TLS version negotiation

    • OpenVPN 2.3.3 now contains this feature, and has patched the Heartbleed vulnerability. Please download it from the link above.

    • Includes the TLS version negotiation feature, git commit 4b67f98 on upstream's master. The builds are a release version of 2.3.2 with this patch merged in.

    • This feature allows an OpenVPN peer to auto-negotiate TLS1.0, TLS1.1, or TLS1.2 as supported by the remote end. When both peers support TLSv1.2, additional TLS cipher-suites may be used; this is in particular required to use Suite B encryption. Graceful fallback is supported, unless new options require a specific TLS version as a condition of successful authentication.

  • GUI UAC Elevation

    • (temporarily not available; a new build free of Heartbleed is pending)

    • Includes a modified OpenVPN GUI manifest file that elevates under UAC to the highest available permission.

  • non-ASCII TAP

    • (upstream 2.3.3 now contains this fix; please download from the link above)

    • Includes the non-ASCII TAP feature, git commit f2e4008 on upstream's master