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Song Archæology created an issue

A few times, when 'purchasing' a building from the build order list, the result has been that my save is entirely wiped. This has happened three times, all while purchasing an item that's not in the 1 spot on the build order, I think they were all prisms. This doesn't happen every time though, and I have not managed to reproduce it reliably.

This is not a local wipe. I'm talking about the set user URL being zeroed out. The current save, all old saves, everything. If I can figure out more from testing, I'll update. In the meantime, I've learned the hard way to keep my exports in a txt file as well.

I'm using Firefox 24 (1.0 for linux) on Linux Mint 16, though I doubt it matters.

I did not have the save/ view URLs saved, only the set user URL, so I don't know if those were wiped as well.

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  1. Riikka Kalliomäki repo owner
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    This sounds to me like your browser cookies are getting wiped for some reason. You can restore the saves in the "Import" tab by using your 'set_user' url, because those saves as stored on the server and using the url tells which saves are yours.

    All the optimizer data, apart from the saves, are stored in sessions. If your browser wipes your cookies, the server does not know which session belongs to you anymore and doesn't know what data to give you, so it looks like all the stuff entered in the optimizer is lost.

    Do report, if you find out more. I can't think of a reason on the website that would cause this kind of behavior.

  2. Song Archæology reporter

    No, that's the problem, it isn't a local wipe. I have allowed your website use of cookies, but because I do regularly wipe cookies and adjust cookie rules, the first thing I did after I imported my data was to open up the 'set_user' url I'd been provided and bookmark it. From that point on, I used that url.

    In fact, the first thing I did when I encountered the issue was to refresh the 'set_user' url because I assumed that the problem was local. Refreshing didn't work. Clearing my cookies for your site (including DOM storage and persistent) and my local cache and then reopening the page didn't work.

    Oh, it just happened again. I opened the page to my 'set_user' url and it was empty. Going down to 'imported saves' did yield something this time though. 'Save #5' is there. Unfortunately, when attempting to copy and re-import it I get this error message: 'Save data is missing required sections'.

    Honestly, I have no clue what's causing this, but it really does seem to be server side. That something keeps triggered my 'set_user' url to wipe all or part of my saved data.

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