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Welcome to FMS App! Flight Track is a Flight Management System (FMS) app for DJI Phantom series. You can review all of your past flights, with the time, duration, and a preview of the photos and videos taken. You can track your progress and have a full record of past memories. At the tap of a button, save your Flight Log as blackBox to identify any potential issues and help keep you flying. Use the Flight Track app with your DJI Phantom 2 flying platform to unlock expanded features and controls.

Only available for iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6+

FMS features

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Flight Track app is designed specifically for quadcopter.

  • Live HD View and On Screen Flight Parameters
  • Flight Settings Customization and Dynamic Map View
  • Aircraft battery parameters from an intelligent battery
  • Synthesis about aircraft statements
  • Aicraft sensor records
  • Remote Photo and Video Capture with Full Gimbal Control and Manual Camera Settings Controls
  • Real-time Flight Record
  • Help Documentation and Video Tutorials

Connecting the Camera

Before flight, always connect your smartphone to the Phantom’s Wi-Fi network. This is required for the camera control and FPV.

Connecting Procedures : Follow these instructions to connect a mobile device to the Phantom 2 Vision+ camera.

  • (1) Power on the Remote Controller and the Range Extender.
  • (2) Power on the Phantom 2 Vision+.
  • (3) Enable the Wi-Fi on your mobile device; wait for about 30 seconds, and then select “Phantom_XXXXXX” from the Wi- Fi network list.
  • (4) Run the FMS App on your mobile device.
  • (5) Tap the “CAMERA” icon and the FMS App will begin a live camera preview. This means everything Connecting the Camera is functioning normally. If it's not press the "synchro" button in the right bottom of the view.

N.B :

  • To have map's feature and weather conditions, the range extender have to be upgraded with DJI Vision App. Please follow the Quick start guide tutorial.

  • The SSID is unique for each Phantom 2 Vision+ It will appear as Phantom_XXXXXX in your Wi-Fi list.

  • At the first start of FMS App, internet connection is required for authenticate DJI SDK 2.0.

Low Battery Level Warning on the FMS App

Battery level warnings will show on the camera page of the FMS App when the battery level is low.

  • (1) A red light will flash on the app screen.
  • (2) Audible alarm. Make sure sound is turned on and volume is turned upon your mobile device.
  • (3) The aircraft battery icon will turn red.

Important Notes

• When you open the app first time, you need an internet connection. Otherwise, there will be an error message "App Register Failed: (ErrorCode: -1)". When you get this error message, make sure you have an internet connection, then kill the app and restart the app again. There are 2 common error codes generated from DJI SDK (ErrorCode: -1) RegisterErrorConnectInternet and (ErrorCode: -4) RegisterErrorDeviceNotMatch, though no further explanation from DJI so far.

• When you switch back-and-forth between DJI VISION app and FMS App, you may need to kill DJI app from memory (by double-clicking Home button and swipe out DJI app) because of DJI app is locking up FPV connection in the background without consideration of third-party apps. Otherwise, you may see "Phantom Connection Broken" and "Video Signal Lost" messages shown on FMS App. Unlike DJI app, FMS App would release the connection upon closing the app. Otherwise, the same locking up issue may also happen to DJI app.

• Most of infrequent use settings and features are unavailable in FMS App comparing to DJI Vision app (such as Compass Calibration, Current RTH Altitude, Binding, etc). Those settings are usually stored in Phantom or range extender. You may use DJI Vision app to change the settings and fly with FMS App inheriting those settings.

FMS App main menu

Background has a parallax effect. The background changes with the GPS localisation of the smartphone.

  • Camera : gives access to FPV view and aircraft flight control
  • Media : gives access to photos & video taken by the aircraft
  • Logs : gives access to the past flight and synthesis & black box logs
  • Settings : gives access to range extender settings
  • Help : gives access to help page with videos, media, documentation and example for FMS usage
  • Wheather : Temperature & wind speed displayed.


Camera Page

  • [1] FPV View : Show what the drone sees

  • [2] Map's view : Redirect to Global position of the drone on a map and it can display the last position saved.

  • [3] Flight Attitude and Radar Function : Flight altitude is indicated by the flight attitude icon. Distance: Horizontal distance from home point. Altitude: Vertical distance from home point. Speed: Horizontal flying speed. Distance units are metric. Distance value will show as N/A if the Phantom 2 Vision+ is not in “Ready to Fly” mode with minimum 5 Satellite lock.

  • [4] Flight Parameters : Show global flight parameters like battery remain or firmware version etc.

  • [5] Wi-Fi Signal Strength : Indicates camera is connected to your mobile device and Wi-Fi is working normally. The connection between the camera and mobile device may fail if Wi-Fi signal strength is low.

  • [6] Flight Battery Level : Show current flight battery level. When battery level is low and the battery icon turns red it is recommended to fly the aircraft back and land it as soon as possible.

  • [7] Aircraft GPS Status : GPS status icon display the number of satellites found by the aircraft. The icon is highlighted when more than 6 satellites are found, allow the Phantom to fly in “Ready to Fly” mode.

  • [8] Status : Displays Status. Icon is highlighted when a valid Micro-SD card is inserted. Or compas has to be calibrated, or synchronisation problem encountered etc.

  • [9] Remaining Shots : Displays estimated shots remaining, based on the current photo size setting and storage capacity of the Micro-SD card. This shows ‘0’ if: (1) Micro-SD card is not inserted. (2) Micro-SD card is full.

  • [10] Shutter Button : Tap to take photos.

  • [11] Video Recording Button : Start and stop video recording. Tap once to start recording. A red dot will blink to indicate recording is in progress and a time code will appear in the top right corner of the preview screen. Press again to stop recording.

  • [12] Camera Settings : Tap to open the camera settings menu, refer to Camera Settings.

  • [13] Rear LED Flight Indicator Status : Displays the aircraft’s current flight status. Taps for details

  • [14] Synchro page : When connection broke or Fpv has problem this button re-synchro the view


SD Card Album

Pictures & videos stored in the camera are presented using Thumbnails. Tap the corresponding thumbnail to view the picture. Videos are not visible in preview mode. You can save to roll an image in preview mode.

Camera Settings

Please refer to DJI Vision App preferences. This is the same system, settings and mode.

When the connection breaks

Medium: 320 x 240 @15fps are recommended for FPV mode view.

  • Check if telemetry are still available.
  • Press synch button (14).
  • Kill app and launch again.


  • [1] How to restore a video file if power is turned off during a recording session? Solution: Keep or place the Micro-SD card back into the camera. Power cycle the camera and wait about 30 seconds for the video file to be restored.

  • [2] Failure to acquire the SSID. Solution: Double check whether both the camera and Range Extender are powered on and the power switch of the camera is switched to “Wi-Fi ON.”

  • [3] What to do if Phantom 2 Vision+ is out of sight and the Wi-Fi connections is lost? Solution: Turn off the Remote Controller to trigger the Failsafe mode and the aircraft will start to fly back, descend, and land at the Home point. Please make sure there are no obstacles between the Phantom and the home point and that you are familiar with the procedure for regaining control.

  • [4] Wi-Fi connection fails all the time. Solution: Double check the current Wi-Fi connection status of the mobile device. The mobile device may be connecting to other Wi-Fi networks after a connection breaks with the Phantom 2 Vision+.

  • [5] Files fail to synchronize. Solution: Video files cannot be synchronized to the mobile device. Some mobile devices do not support the synchronization of the 1080i60 video files.

  • [6] iOS Albums fail to synchronize. Solution: Enable the Settings -> Private -> Photos -> FMS App. Otherwise Albums will fail to synchronize with your mobile device.

  • [7] App tips for mobile devices. Solution: If using the App on multiple mobile devices turn off the App on the first mobile device then turn it on the second one to ensure normal functions on the second mobile device.

  • [8] Why FMS is so long to start. You probably have a bad internet connection, at each start FMS try to reach a weather server for obtain temperature and wind speed and map's view.

  • [9] Others. Feel free to send us a mail