Save just overrides code, doesn't check if the class was updated

Issue #108 duplicate
Anja Remic created an issue

Hey, I have a class that is about 5k rows long and it is a bit difficult to edit in IDEA because it works really slow. My PC is not the best tho (i5 4c, 16GB). Anyway, I edited that class in another IDE, but forget to retrieve data in IDEA (plugin) before making some minor changes in there. After a while I do some other changes in the other IDE and it reminds me that the server copy of the class is not the same. After checking it I noticed that in IDEA (plugin) the code was saved before checking if the class was updated on the server.

I see this as a major issue, because this can cause big problems if team is working on the same org / class (it can happen that two developers try to edit the same class at the same time, one can override the code of the other without warning).

Thank you in advance :)

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Anja, this looks like a duplicate of issue #63. Please take a look at that one and, if you agree, please vote on it and we can resolve this one as a duplicate. I do plan to address that in a near-term release that includes several enhancements to metadata retrieval and deployment.

    As for the performance editing a 5K line file, I'll look into that. My personal machine isn't very different from yours (Surface Pro 3, i5, 4c, 8GB) so hopefully I can reproduce this behavior.

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