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Issue #128 resolved
Scott Wells repo owner created an issue

Add the ability to apply filters to log views in Log Viewer, Anonymous Apex, and unit test results. Ideally this would have some convenient canned filters such as USER_DEBUG-only as well as the ability for the user to type in a filter string/pattern.

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  1. Matej Pinter

    I see that this is new in IDEA 15 and 1.6.5 version. :) Now only one small addition would be nice: make some checkbox to filter out only USER_DEBUG lines or is this somewhere we can set?

  2. Scott Wells reporter

    You can't filter just yet, but that is a searchable text box. Just use CTRL+F (Windows/Linux) or CMD+F (Mac) to search for any pattern. However, I'm going to keep this open for filtering of the log views as an enhancement as I also think it's a valuable addition.

  3. Vivek M. Chawla

    There are definitely other bugs / enhancements that are more important than this one. Having said that....oh man do I love being able to check the "User Debug" filter box when going through debug logs in the Developer Console. This would be an awesome feature once you have the time. :-)

  4. Scott Wells reporter

    Yeah, this is definitely one that folks are wanting. I will point out that in addition to the CTRL+F/CMD+F capability that I described above, as of Salesforce Winter '16, if you set all log levels to NONE except for Apex and set that one to DEBUG, you get VERY close to USER_DEBUG-only logging:

    It's not exactly what everyone wants, but until I do address this first-class, hopefully the combination of this logging level and find in the results view will be helpful.

  5. Scott Wells reporter

    From #223:

    Digging through log output text and find desired entries often is a pain. In log output SFDC has pre-defined set of markers (FATAL_ERROR, USER_DEBUG, etc.). Would be nice to have ability to distinguish them at first glance. One option is to color code those markers (set customizable background color only for marker part)

    2602609761-Screenshot 2016-01-20 12-24-01.jpg

    Other option is to display list of filters found in log output and select which ones needs to be displayed (all checked = full log output text, default behaviour)

  6. Matt Addy

    Scott, the integrated log viewer is an awesome feature! Loving it so far. This enhancement request (filtering) would put the icing on the cake.

  7. Robert Conner

    I would like this also. But I agree with Vivek that there are so many other bugs/features on the list that I would like to see built before this.

  8. Scott Wells reporter

    The next build will include this for the Anonymous Apex and Log Viewer tool windows but not for Apex unit test logs. I'm still trying to figure out how I can decorate that particular console view, but it's several layers of indirection away from me because of how IntelliJ's unit test framework operates. I'll likely resolve this enhancement and create another specifically for that area when I release the next build.

  9. Scott Wells reporter

    Delivered for Anonymous Apex and Log Viewer tool windows in I'm going to resolve this and create a separate enhancement request for Apex unit test results.

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