Allow filtering of Apex unit test debug logs

Issue #255 resolved
Scott Wells repo owner created an issue

Spin-off of #128 for the Apex debug logs for executed unit tests. Unfortunately there are multiple levels of indirection between the plugin developer and the console view in that area, so it's not as straightforward as in the other areas addressed by #128

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  1. Scott Wells reporter

    This is looking pretty difficult (potentially impossible) without bailing on the SDK's inherent unit testing framework and adding my own (not a great time investment). It's worth pointing out that the unit test logs are also available in the Log Viewer which can be filtered.

  2. Scott Wells reporter

    I've investigated this pretty thoroughly and the JetBrains unit test framework places too many levels of indirection between me (plugin SDK dev) and the console view used to show test output. A reasonable workaround is to review the test logs in the Log Viewer tool window.

  3. Scott Wells reporter
    • changed status to open

    I actually did figure out a way to do this. The feature will be included in the next build.

  4. Scott Wells reporter

    Delivered for IC2 in Will look at integrating the change back into IC1 for its next release, though I may be limited by older versions of the plugin SDK.

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