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Alberto Zanatta created an issue

Today I’ve updated IlluminatedCloud to the latest version, right after I couldn’t login to any of the orgs. The “username” and “password” fields of all orgs are blank and there’s no way to set them up or to keep them set.

I’m attaching 3 screenshots, after inserting the credentials, when you click on “Test” button you again get the error that the username and password must be specified. So I click on “apply”, I get the error again, but now I click “Test” again: credentials are verified. On top of that alert, an other one is asking me if I want to set the credentials for the same project (the ones I just set). If I press “cancel” I’m back to the credentials panel with the empty fields again. If I press “Ok”, an other credentials panel is opened with the username and password fields empty.

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  1. Alberto Zanatta reporter

    This has solved the issue! Thanks!

    (Workaround: Preferences - Appearance and behavior - System - Passwords and enable saving passwords in KeePass.)

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