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Mike Mikula created an issue

As a user I would like to select the source folder and only deploy the diff between my IDE and the server.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Hi, Mike. Are you finding that the Deploy Modified Metadata action doesn't work properly for you? That action compares the last modified timestamps of your local files to the last modified timestamps of the corresponding metadata and only deploys things that are newer (updated or created) in the local project. It doesn't, however, try to determine metadata which should be removed from the server. That must occur as a separate action, though IC does have some nice facilities for isolation orphaned/abandoned metadata in the server. If that action isn't working properly for you, can you explain the shortcomings?

    Or are you perhaps asking for something different such as a true source tracking-like mechanism similar to Salesforce DX's push/pull model?

  2. Mike Mikula reporter

    Thats correct, I’m looking to have a similar mechanism to the sfdx source tracking. Sometimes files are updated/ touched/ reverted serverside that really should be getting updated based on my local environment. Having the option to do a more comprehensive check I think would be nice for ensuring my IDE/source control wins.

  3. Mike Mikula reporter

    The other issue that I just thought about is if I’m locally changing between branches in version control. It may incorrectly make it seem like certain files are more updated than others.

  4. Justin Julicher

    I agree with Mike’s comment - is it possible to use the Git last modified when the state of the file is unmodified and the modified date if it is?

    you would need to do for each file something like:

    git log -1 --pretty="format:%ci" /path/to/repo/anyfile.any)

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