Add support for bulk metadata undeploy from the organization

Issue #33 resolved
Scott Wells repo owner created an issue

Add the ability to bulk undeploy metadata from the organization using destructive changes. Scope options should include:

  • Project
  • Module + dependencies
  • Module

Any other subset scope could be accommodated by changing the selected metadata for one or more modules as with deployment and retrieval.

Comments (12)

  1. Vivek M. Chawla

    Working with destructive changes is never fun. If IC could find a way to make this work well, it would be a big deal for large production orgs (as opposed to simple packaging orgs).

  2. Scott Wells reporter

    I've pretty much implemented the deployment of destructive changes to the org for issue #32 that I plan to ship early next week after more testing. There it's in response to a local delete of files, though, whereas here it's more of a first-class undeploy operation that doesn't require anything destructive in the local file system. I'll look at repurposing the core behavior for that to supply an undeploy action next.

    It's worth pointing out that this destructive changes deployment does not accommodate for external references to metadata being deployed. For example, if you tried to undeploy permission sets from the org, and those permission sets were currently assigned to users, it would fail due to incoming references. Trying to unwind all references to the requested metadata before deployment would be a MUCH larger task.

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