Propagate metadata deletes in IDEA to the associated organization

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Scott Wells repo owner created an issue

When metadata is deleted in the local project/module, also delete it from the associated organization if present. This should probably prompt for propagated delete, and delete in the organization should probably occur first so that any validation around whether it can be deleted can be leveraged before deleting it from the local filesystem and project/module.

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  1. Chris Peterson

    This is really the only feature I miss from eclipse/sublime in illuminated cloud. Would love to see this soon if it all viable.

  2. Scott Wells reporter

    Chris, it's next in my queue after I push a minor bug fix release tonight or tomorrow. My hope is to get it out in the next week or so, holiday commitments allowing of course!

  3. Scott Wells reporter

    I've implemented a first pass at this. I want to spend some time polishing up the rough edges and testing it before releasing it. Here's what the feature brings, though:

    • When local metadata is deleted from the project, the associated meta.xml file(s) are also deleted from the project if appropriate and vice-versa. The user is told about the additional file(s) that will be deleted.
    • When local metadata is deleted from the project, the user is prompted as to whether the metadata should be deleted from the server as well.
      • If not, nothing is done to the server.
      • If so, a destructiveChanges.xml deployment archive is created based on the deleted metadata and is deployed to the server.

    Here are some screen shots:

    Delete Associated Files


    Delete Server Files?


    Delete Progress


    Deleted Everywhere


  4. Scott Wells reporter

    Delivered in Note that due to technical limitations, the files are deleted locally first and then deleted in the org. If delete in the org fails, local files have already been deleted.

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