Provide a quick and convenient way to regenerate all or part of the OST

Issue #39 resolved
Scott Wells repo owner created an issue

From Matej Pinter:

"Just one more thing if you may add in next patch. Now if I change something in org (new field or object) I have to retrieve metadata again and build OST again to have autocomplete fully functional an updated to last changes. Currently this "generate" button is very hidden in settings, could you also give us number in build menu, where is already submenu of plugin?"

There are two key aspects of this request:

  1. Add a menu item to Build>Illuminated Cloud to generate the OST for the connection associated with the current context.
  2. Allow regeneration of a selected subset of the OST for the incremental use case, in particular regeneration of the stub classes for SObjects that would be the most likely to change frequently in the org itself.

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  1. Scott Wells reporter

    I just uploaded 1.0.4 which provides a partial solution to this. First, there's now a menu item/key binding for OST generation. The default key binding is CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+G (CTRL+OPT+SHIFT+G on Mac), and the menu item is in the same structure as the existing IC deployment menu items. Second, when you regenerate an OST (meaning there's not already one), you're given the option to regenerate it entirely or just regenerate for SObjects. I plan to evolve this into a more selective mechanism that lets you choose any subset of system classes, custom classes, and SObjects, but I think this should address the most common needs for now.

  2. Zoran Žunko

    Is there also a possibility to auto update OST once we add a method/property/field to an Apex class via IDE? Currently this is not the case.

  3. Scott Wells reporter

    Just to clarify, are you looking for a refresh of a subset of the source code that you develop actively (vs. the contents of the OST which are basically static first/third-party libs) when you make a change in the organization vs. locally? If so, I think that issue #83 is the enhancement request for that work.

  4. Zoran Žunko

    I referring to the situation when a method or property is added to an apex class, it is not picked up by code completion it keeps being marked as an error in vf page.

  5. Zoran Žunko

    Okay it seems to work after a while it started highlighting it properly while i was taking a screenshot

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