Error validating null classes

Issue #494 duplicate
George Doenlen created an issue

After updating, I began receiving a weird validation error, saying my classes were null. They are not and will save properly via SFDC UI.

I refreshed my files from my sandbox and it was still reporting the classes were null (this leads me to believe it is a bug and not user error as they were fresh and unmodified from the server) . I can provide the source files if you need them.

Screenshot from 2016-12-22 10-55-57.png

Screenshot from 2016-12-22 10-56-31.png

Screenshot from 2016-12-22 11-00-23.png

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Sorry for the issue, George. Would you mind adding the following under Help>Debug Log Settings:


    and reproducing the issue? Then send me your idea.log using Help>Show Log in Explorer/Finder and see what's going on and hopefully issue a very quick fix for it.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    Pretty sure that this is the same underlying issue as #495. I'm investigating now and hope to issue a quick fix soon.

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Okay, it's trivial to reproduce and it is a side-effect of my recent change. Shame on me for not testing it better. I'll issue a fix very soon in the context of issue #495.

  4. George Doenlen reporter

    Thanks Scott! Glad you figured it out. Sorry for the delay and not getting you the logs before you figured it all out.

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