Add "Debug Only" button to Unit Test Run Sidebar

Issue #807 wontfix
Norbert Wieruszewski created an issue

I would like to have this (Debug Only) button on Unit Test Run Sidebar test log viewer.

It will be very helpful because now I need to filter unit test logs with "USER_DEBUG" or skip to "Log Viever" sidebar.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    I hate to close something as "won't fix", but I did dig into this one some time back and in order to support this feature, I'd pretty much have to rewrite the IDE's unit testing framework. The issue is that their console view is buried about ten layers below the plugin-contributed logic. I don't even write directly to that console...I send messages to a bus that ultimately get consumed by the console for display. As a result, there's really no way to apply custom filtering. The workaround is to visit the Log Viewer after running tests, open the log from there, and use its filtering capabilities.

    Sorry...wish I had a better answer on this one. I may open an enhancement against JetBrains for the ability to add custom filtering to the test output console in a first-class manner. That's the right answer.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    Absolutely. I just REALLY hate marking anything as "won't fix". It seems so...lazy. If it makes you feel any better (misery loving company and all), I find myself missing this all the time as well. I'll log that enhancement with JetBrains and see what they say. Maybe there is some way to do it that I haven't found...

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