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Managing Your Illuminated Cloud License

Illuminated Cloud is a commercial product—licensed separately from IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition, PhpStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, and WebStorm—and therefore requires that you purchase a license key to continue to use it at the end of the 30-day free evaluation period.

If your trial period has ended and you haven't had the opportunity to adequately evaluate the product, you can extend your product trial so that you can make an informed decision whether to purchase a license. This also applies if your trial has ended and you are waiting to receive a license that you have purchased.

Instructions are provided for each of the following aspects of managing your Illuminated Cloud license:

Obtaining a License Key

When you have completed your trial period, you can purchase Illuminated Cloud from the Rose Silver Software Store to obtain your license key.

License keys are tied to an individual and their hardware, and therefore cannot be shared. If an employee leaves an organization, a commercial license can be transferred to another employee.

Two activations are provided for each license key, by default. For more information, see the Terms and conditions for the purchase and usage of Illuminated Cloud and the Privacy Policy and EU GDPR Policy.

Activating a License

After you've obtained a license key, you'll need to update Illuminated Cloud to use it.

You can access the Illuminated Cloud licensing options several ways, so use your preferred method to configure application-level settings:

  • Clicking the Configure Application toolbar icon (visible only if you've selected View > Toolbar)
  • Selecting Tools > Illuminated Cloud > Configure Application from the main menu
  • Selecting Illuminated Cloud > Configure Application from the context menu
  • Using these keyboard shortcuts: Windows/Linux = Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ; Mac = Cmd + Opt + Shift + ;


  1. In the About window, click Enter license key... to access the License Key dialog.

  2. Copy and paste your license key into the License key field.


  3. The Client ID field is automatically populated with a combination of the local user and host name. Accept this default value, or enter a unique ID that can be used to identify you. (This ID is used primarily for support to troubleshoot issues related to license activation.)

  4. Click OK to activate the license.

After successfully activating the license, the About window displays the license expiration date.


Your license key is saved in the system, so if you ever need to access it (to migrate it to another machine or user, for example), you can use the copy icon to the right of the expiration date to copy it to the clipboard.

You can also click the refresh icon to explicitly request the latest license status from the licensing servers.

Migrating a License Key to Another Machine or User

If you upgrade your machine and want to migrate your license to the new machine, or no longer use the IDE and want to make your license available to another user, you'll need to deactivate the license:

In the About window, click Deactivate license. The license is now available to be activated on another machine or by another user.

NOTE: If you aren't able to deactivate your license from within the IDE, you can do so from the web application. See the instructions for Using the Self-Service Web Application.

Activating and Deactivating Your License Offline

If network security or other restrictions prevent you from being able to access the licensing server, you can activate and deactivate your license by making an offline request:

  1. In the About window, click Offline activation...


  2. Select the option that matches what you want to do:

    • To activate a license, select that option, copy and paste your license key into the License key field, and enter the unique Client ID that will be used to identify you (or accept the default value).
    • To deactivate a license, select that option.
    • To start a trial, select that option and enter the unique Client ID that will be used to identify you (or accept the default value).
  3. Click Generate to generate an offline request, then click Copy to clipboard.


  4. Click OK when prompted, to open the web application.

  5. Paste the content of your request into the field and click Process to generate an offline response.


  6. Click Copy to clipboard.

    NOTE: There's no need to copy a response to the clipboard when deactivating a license. The request is processed in Step 5.

  7. Return to the Illuminated Cloud IDE and click Paste from clipboard to capture your offline response.


  8. Click Activate, Deactivate, or Start Trial to update Illuminated Cloud accordingly.

    NOTE: If you attempt to use offline activation for a trial and are notified that the trial has expired, email your activation request to We'll send you an XML response that you can copy and paste into the Offline response field to extend your trial.

Extending your Trial

Trial extensions are available for those who have completed the standard 30-day free trial but have not yet adequately evaluated the product, or for those who are still in the process of purchasing a license when the standard trial period completes. This is generally a single additional 30-day trial extension period, though in extenuating circumstances additional time may be offered.

Trial extensions are requested from within the application as follows:

  1. In the About window, click Extend trial...


  2. Enter a unique Client ID that will be used to identify you, or accept the default value of username@hostname.

  3. Click Generate to generate a trial extension request XML document.


  4. Click Send request to send the trial extension request for approval. If you click Yes, Illuminated Cloud will attempt to create an email with the trial request details. This email will not be sent automatically. If automatic email creation does not succeed--or if you'd prefer to create the email explicitly--click No and paste the trial extension request that was already copied to the system clipboard into a new email message to


  5. You will typically receive an email response within 24 hours. If the trial extension request was approved--most are; the primary reason for an initial rejection is multiple previous trial periods used without making a purchasing decision--the email response will include a trial extension response XML document which should be copied to the clipboard.

  6. Return to the About window, click Extend trial..., click Paste from clipboard, and finally Extend trial.


  7. If the trial extension was successful, you will be informed as such and the free evaluation period will be extended accordingly.

Using the Self-Service Web Application

You can also use the web application to manage your Illuminated Cloud license:

  1. Access the web application at

  2. Paste your license key in the field provided and click Search to display the license details, including how many times it's been activated and deactivated.


  3. You can click the Deactivate link for any current activations, as needed.