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SurvivalPlus / Config


Default Config

You can disable certain features or change values by doing the following:
1) Open plugins/SurvivalPlus
2) Open config.yml
3) Save the file after editing and reload.

Let's take a look in the config.yml

  EnableResourcePack: true
  ResourcePackURL: <link here> #you will find the current link in the config file
  NotifyMessage: true

This plugin comes with a custom resource pack. You don't need to change anything here. If you disable it, the players will not see the custom tools/items properly. If your server has a custom resource pack, you can download this one, add the textures to your own pack, and then add the link to your pack here or turn it off here and add your link to your file.
Notify message is to let players know about the resource pack when they log in.

LocalChatDist: -1

LocalChatDist is the distance between players for local chatting to send.
Turned off by default. (n = -1)
Value Range:
- n = -1 : Local Chat Disabled
- n = 0 : Talking to yourself
- n > 0 : Chatting to players at n blocks away

NoPos: true

With NoPos turned on, players will not be able to see their coords in the debug screen. Don't worry admins, if you are in creative mode, this will automatically be re-enabled.

  Enabled: true

  LimitedCrafting: true

    Axe: true
    Pickaxe: true
    Shovel: true
    Shears: true
    Sickle: true

    Hammer: true

    Flint: 0.5
    Stick: 0.25

  Torch: true

Survival-Enabled - With survival enabled, a whole bunch of mechanics have been changed. Turning this off will remove a few tools from the game such as hatchets, mattocks, shivs, hammers, firestrikers, unlit campfires, sickles and custom recipes for workbenches, furnaces, chests, and flints. LimitedCrafting - With this enabled, player's will only be able to craft items which they have unlocked recipes for.
BreakOnlyWith - The break only options, will stop players from breaking blocks without using the correct tools.
PlaceOnlyWith - With this enabled, players will need a hammer in their off hand to place building blocks.
DropRate - Drop rates determine how many flints are dropped when breaking gravel as well as how many sticks are dropped when breaking leaves. Torch - Replaces vanilla torch recipe with new torch recipes.

  SharedWorkbench: true

  # If players should get sleepy from not sleeping
  BedFatigueLevel: true
  # Time spent in bed to increase energy (in seconds)
  BedFatigueRefreshTime: 30
  # Chance that a player will become exhausted at night
  FatigueLevelIncreaseChance: 70
  # If the coffee system is implemented (players can drink coffee to increase energy)
  Coffee: true

  # If players will slow down when wearing "heavy" armor
  SlowArmor: true
  # Chainmail armor redone as reinforced leather armor
  ReinforcedLeatherArmor: true
  # Players will need to have arrows in their offhand and fully extend their bow before shooting
  Bow: true
  # Enables the recurved bow
  RecurveBow: true
  # Enables the grappling hook
  GrapplingHook: true
  # Enables the medic kit
  MedicalKit: true
  # When enabled, iron/gold ingots will craft into fewer nuggets than vanilla
  ReducedIronNugget: true
  ReducedGoldNugget: true

  # Enables the status scoreboard
  StatusScoreboard: true
  AlertInterval: 20
  # Players will get poisoned from eating raw meat
  RawMeatHunger: true
  # Players can put potions into their workbench to empty them
  EmptyPotions: true
  PoisonousPotato: true
  # Cookies will give a little health boost
  CookieHealthBoost: true
  # Beetroots will give player a little bit of strength
  BeetrootStrength: true
  # Enables the food diversity system
  FoodDiversity: true
  # Enables thirst
    Enabled: true
    PurifyWater: true
    MeltSnow: true
    DrainRate: 1.0

  # Players can use a compass to save a location, and each a tropical fish to teleport to that saved location
  CompassWaypoint: true
  Clownfish: true

  FermentedSkin: true

  LivingSlime: true

  # Throwing snowballs on the ground will place snow layers
  SnowballRevamp: true
  # Currently disabled (leaving config here for future use)
  SnowGenerationRevamp: false

    Bread: true
    Cookie: true

  # Enables the use of chairs
    Enabled: true
    MaxChairWidth: 2
      - OAK_STAIRS

These options will allow you disable certain SurvivalPlus mechanics.

  Saddle: true
  Nametag: true
  PackedIce: true
  LeatherBard: true
  IronBard: true
  GoldBard: true
  DiamondBard: true
  ClayBrick: true
  QuartzBlock: true
  WoolString: true
  WebString: true
  Ice: true
  Clay: true
  Diorite: false
  Granite: false
  Andesite: false
  Gravel: true
  Slimeball: true
  Cobweb: true
  SaplingToSticks: true
  FishingRod: true

Enables recipe overrides on the server. Set to false for any recipes you wish to not override.

  CanRepair: true
  ValkyrieAxe: true
  QuartzPickaxe: true
  ObsidianMace: true
  GiantBlade: true
  BlazeSword: true
  NotchApple: true
  GoldArmorBuff: true

Enable different legendary items.