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Advanced Tools

Recurved Bow/Crossbow

Much stronger, much more accurate, much faster!

With re-curvature, your bow fires arrow only when you fully load the bow.
However, the arrow shot will travel in a straight line.
The speed of the arrow is increased, hence its damage is higher.

Medic Kit

Can be used to heal yourself or an ally; it grants full health (10 x ​) in 5 seconds.

  • To heal someone, right-click on him/her with Medic Kit.
  • To heal yourself, sneak and right-click with Medic Kit.

However, during the healing process, both of you MUST:

  • Not be hurt by anything.
  • Not go too far from each other.
  • The Healer must hold Medic Kit in main hand.

The Healer will be standing still while healing one, very vulnerable to surprise attacks.

To cancel healing early, switch away from the Medic Kit.

Reinforced Leather Armor

To implement chain armor into the game, a few changes have been made for all armor sets.

Reinforced Leather Hat (Gives 2 Armor )
Reinforced Leather Boots (Gives 2 Armor )
Reinforced Leather Tunic (Gives 5 Armor )
Reinforced Leather Trousers (Gives 4 Armor )

Gold Armor

According to ancient rumors, gold has potentially high-pressure resistance, may reduce brute force damage.

A golden crown ascends a King, who talks goldish.
You'll need 5 gold ingots and 1 emerald for a crown.

Legendary Tools

There are hidden Legendary Items and Secret Recipes!

I heard some of them are related to...

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Legendary items can also be repaired with certain method only.