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The "Left Stick is the D-Pad" code was generated by PS2 Controller Remapper 1.20
scePadRead Hook Address : 00237798
Remapping Routine Address : 00231EC8
Room For The Remapping Routine Address : From 00231EC8 To 002323F8 (unused at this time, WIP 06 Beta 12)
Stay on Digital Mode (POPS, Pad 1)
$=0507034 00000073 // If analog is on
$00507034 00000041 // Force digital mode
Stay on Digital Mode (POPS, Pad 2)
$=05070C4 00000073 // If analog is on
$005070C4 00000041 // Force digital mode
Left Stick is the D-Pad
$2023779C 0808C7B4
$20231ED0 00C0C821
$20231ED4 0808DDE9
$20231ED8 24030070
$2023780C 0808C7B7
$20231EDC 87240002
$20231EE0 3085FF0F
$20231EE4 9326000A
$20231EE8 93270009
$20231EEC 9328000B
$20231EF0 93290008
$20231EF4 932A0007
$20231EF8 932B0006
$20231EFC 34A30010
$20231F00 2D410041
$20231F04 0061280A
$20231F08 3943007F
$20231F0C 00031840
$20231F10 2D41007F
$20231F14 0001180A
$20231F18 A323000A
$20231F1C 34A30080
$20231F20 2D610041
$20231F24 0061280A
$20231F28 3963007F
$20231F2C 00031840
$20231F30 2D61007F
$20231F34 0001180A
$20231F38 A3230009
$20231F3C 34A30040
$20231F40 2D4100BF
$20231F44 0061280B
$20231F48 2543FF80
$20231F4C 00031840
$20231F50 2D410081
$20231F54 0001180B
$20231F58 A323000B
$20231F5C 34A30020
$20231F60 2D6100BF
$20231F64 0061280B
$20231F68 2563FF80
$20231F6C 00031840
$20231F70 2D610081
$20231F74 0001180B
$20231F78 A3230008
$20231F7C 340A0080
$20231F80 340B0080
$20231F84 00060842
$20231F88 3821007F
$20231F8C 0026500B
$20231F90 00070842
$20231F94 3821007F
$20231F98 0027580B
$20231F9C 00080842
$20231FA0 24230080
$20231FA4 0068500B
$20231FA8 00090842
$20231FAC 24230080
$20231FB0 0069580B
$20231FB4 A7250002
$20231FB8 A32A0007
$20231FBC 03E00008
$20231FC0 A32B0006