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Cheat Engine


POPStarter has an embedded cheat engine that supports Gameshark/Action Replay PS1 codes (PS1 RAW codes of types 30, 50, 80 and D0 are supported). Some basic rules about the cheat engine :

  • codes will be stored into a txt file named CHEATS.TXT placed into the VMC game folder (each game will have his own dedicated CHEATS.TXT file) ;
  • each code line has to start with the $ character otherwise the code is not enabled ;
  • each code line must have a space between the adress and the value ;

Example :

Castlevania – Symphony of the Night [NTSC-U]

CHEATS.TXT location :

POPS/Castlevania Symphony of the Night (NTSC-U)/CHEATS.TXT

CHEATS.TXT content :

$80097BA0 270F // Infinite Health

Notes :

  • It is highly recommended to have to $SAFEMODE command code at the very first line of the CHEATS.TXT file ;
  • Some PS1 games need mastercodes otherwise they crash (ex : Air Race Championship). Only type C0 are supported. Mastercodes of type C1 (aka activation on delay time) are not and will not be supported ;
  • You can disable a code if you remove the $ character from the code ;
  • You can enable a code for ALL your games if you place the CHEATS.TXT file in POPS folder ;
  • You can find a list of useful generic commands here ;
  • A massive PS1 codes list in PS1 RAW format can be found here ;
  • is also a great place for PS1 cheats code ;
  • You can also use POPStarter with a PS2 cheat device (ps2rd, Codebreaker, Cheat Device PS2). POPS Mastercode is 902377F4 0C0902EF. PS2 RAW codes of types 0, 1 and 2 are supported. A massive PS1 codes list in PS2 RAW format – ready-to-use – can be found here. In order to use a PS1 code with a PS2 cheat device, you need to convert it to PS2 RAW format : add $01000000 to the PS1 code adresses and comply with the code type definitions of the target PS2 cheat engine. For more info about how to convert codes, check this post.


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