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Known bugs / limitations


  • $COMPATIBILITY_0×07 mode : unfinished. Breaks the gamma.
  • $WIDESCREEN command : unfinished. No render fix…
  • POPS USB oddities : we found out that latest USBD and USBHDFSD drivers reduced performances in BOTH POPStarter and POPS – so USBD and USBHDFSD drivers embedded into POPStarter are quite old. You can use your own USB modules (named as usbd.irx & usbhdfsd.irx, case sensitive, lowercase, no file size restriction) from mc#:/POPSTARTER – but expect lower performances.
  • PS1 CD mode : we found out after RIP 06 release that the HDD old launch type method (PP.PS1CD.ELF or __.PS1CD.ELF) has a bug : files from __common/POPS folder (and from __common/POPS/PS1CD) will not be loaded.
  • PS3 support : POPStarter test build works in a CECHA (no controller response on POPS tho).
  • IGR : not working with a DS3 controller in BT mode (working in USB mode).