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[PS1 devices] Use your [special device : light gun…] with POPS

[Original tutorial by AKuHAK] @ASSEMblergames

1. Find a PS2 game that supports your special device and look inside its content ;

2. Look for some IRX files in it ;

3. First file that you need is SIO2MAN.IRX. You need this module for making other modules working ;

4. Copy it into POPS folder and rename as MODULE_0.IRX ;

5. Then search for your specific IRX files. It can be one file or multiple files. For light gun, it might be USBD.IRX and USBGUN.IRX ;

6. Rename them as MODULE_1.IRX, MODULE_2.IRX, ... etc. You have to experiment to find the correct order. For light gun, first .IRX might be USBD.IRX and second .IRX USBGUN.IRX ;

7. Copy these files into POPS folder and run your game. If you got special device to work – have fun!

8. If you have no luck – you can copy specific IOPRPxxx.IMG from your game into POPS folder and rename it as IOPRP252.IMG. In such way, you have to delete POPS.PAK and use only POPS.ELF + IOPRP252.IMG ;

9. If it still doesnt work, you can also try to add more modules from your game (repeat 6th step) or you can try to change modules order.

Notes :

  • Don’t forget that USB devices may not work if you use POPS in USB mode.
  • These manipulations doesn’t mean that you will be able to use all special functions. It only means that your device will be recognized properly (so all standard functions will work).