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uLE_kHn is a modified version of AKuHAK’s uLE 4.42e HDD edition WIP7. It has 2 main features :

  • Same as WIP7, it can create HDD partitions with no “+” symbol at start – to create the __.POPS/ partition ;
  • It can be used as a GUI to launch your VCDs directly. Just place a single copy of POPSTARTER.ELF in your POPS folder and you’re done (no need to rename it).

Example of working setup – USB mode :

mass:/POPS/Crash Bandicoot.VCD

Notes :

  • Launching VCDs in SMB mode is not supported ;
  • Do not use it as your normal uLE version – it’s based on obsolete stuff.


Changelog :

Note : uLE_kHn is discontinued.

  • uLE_kHn_20191110 – 2019/11/10
The new uLE_kHn_20160723 is the same as uLE_kHn_20150727, but I've restored the USB drivers of my PS2SDK installation.
  • uLE_kHn_20150727 – 2015/07/27
- Sbv from PS2SDK commit c6cd5b3447.
- Old USBD (CRC32 8EA56869) + USBHDFSD of POPStarter r13 WIP 02/05 (CRC32 E96C037A).
- Added support for running VCDs from mass:/POPS#/ (as introduced in POPStarter r13 WIP 06 OBT).
- The stub of the packed ELF is a clone of the POPStarter r13 payload.
Side note : compiled the same day as POPStarter r13 WIP 06 open beta 6.
- Fixed : Red screen of death in the PSX after selecting MISC/PS2Browser.
- MISC/PS2Browser does not skip the HDD and the MC when uLE has not been run from the MBR.
- Fixed : Cannot launch ELFs/VCDs on slims and fats that don't have a HDD.